Environmental Un-Education 70 Years of “Stupid”

As President Trump continues unwinding the web of climate regulations that have been spun in the name of saving the world for nearly 70 years, some of the outrageous claims too often taught by too many schools by notable people undeserving of their stature and respect have come to our attention.

Political homogeneity is problematic –

  • it biases research and teaching
  • reduces academic credibility

Even though more Americans are conservative than liberal, academic psychologists’ biases cause students to believe that conservatism is deviant.

In the aftermath of the hysterical performance by teenager Greta Thunberg before the United Nations, much has been written about her background and the environmental education that literally created her fear of the impending end of the civilized world. There is little doubt that she is not alone in believing that catastrophic climate change is impending, that her generation will never survive to old age and that the situation is clearly the fault of the current leaders of the world.

A study by Brooklyn College associate professor Mitchell Langbert has exposed perhaps the underlying cause for much of the absolute fear of dying from climate chaos demonstrated so publicly by Thunberg and so many others in her generation. This fear of the future has even reared its ugly influence in the United States House of Representatives through the voice of representative Alexadria Ocasio-Cortez; a young women whose biased education has been put on display nationwide.

Langbert assimilated political information about Ph.D. professors on tenure track at 51 of the 66 liberal arts colleges as identified by US News in the magazine’s 2017 listing of such colleges. The exhaustive study and the underlying basis of the research and results has been published on several web sites. The entire study prints out over 30 pages and contains much detail. In the interest of reducing the shear volume of this study, this article is simply a chronological list of key headlines predicting doomsday in various ways.

Exposure of continuing poor quality education practices will hopefully lead to serious evaluation of critical education programs. One such example is the student loan program. Originally developed by the Department of Defense to recruit scientists and engineers, the student loan program has become so exploited that today it is little more than a massive money tree supporting the ever expanding tenure guaranteed employment program that protects the problems so obviously exposed by the Langbert study.

One of the most startling facts revealed by the study is that the ratio of professors identifying as democrat (liberal) versus republican (conservative) in the area of environmental education is 108 liberals to 0 conservatives. Zero tenure track professors in this area available to present a balanced position! Is there any wonder how young people like Thunberg and Ocasio-Cortez become so “uneducated.”

The list below only includes a headline and a very limited recap of some of the content of the articles. Every article can be found online in its entirety. The Langbert study is also available on line and summarized in several locations.

1967 Dr Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University Dire Famine by 1975 Suggest involuntary birth control and sterilizing agent in foods and drinking water Catholic Church should be pressured into compliance for birth control speaking at University of Texas

ref: Salt Lake City Tribune 11/17/1967

1969 Dr Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University Death in Bue Steam by 1989 Everyone will disappear in pollution caused Cloud of Blue Steam in 20 years

source: The New York Times 8/10/1969

1970 James P. Lodge Jr, Boulder Colorado Ice Age by 2000 Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado Air pollution to obliterate the sun and cause an ice age by 2000 Demand for cooling water will boil dry the rivers and streams of the United States: speaking at Institute of Environmental Sciences

ref: Boston Globe 4/16/1970

1970 Dr Paul Ehrlich, Stanford Univ. Oceans dead as Lake Erie by 1980 America to ration water by 1974 and Food will be rationed by 1980 at University of California / World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California

source: Redlands Daily Facts 10/6/1970

1971 Dr. S.L.Rasool, NASA Disastrous Ice Age in 50 or 60 years Atmospheric dust to block sun – drop global temperature by 6 degrees Writing in the journal Science

ref: Washington Post 7/9/1971

1972 Brown University, Dept of Geological Sciences Ice Age by 2070 A conference of 42 Top American and European (climate) Investigators concluded climate deterioration of a magnitude never before experienced by civilized mankind

source: letter to President of United States 12/3/1972

1974 Columbia Univ. and European climatologists Ice Age Coming Fast Drs George and Helena Kukla say space satellites indicate snow and ice coverage up 12% -World temperatures continuing to decline since 1935 t0 1955 ice increasing faster

report published in The Guardian 1/29/1974

1974 Time magazine / Decades of Cooling – No End in Sight Growing number scientists agree. Signs include “unexpected persistence and thickness of pack ice…” Since 1940’s mean global temperature dropped about 2.7deg F

source: Time magazine Science 6/24/1974

1974 T.M. Donahue, Univ of Mich. Earth in Great Peril as O-Zone disappears Michigan scientists agree list of “horrors” is long – could send mankind back 100 million years testimony before

source:Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences January 29,1975

1976 Stephen Schneider, climatologist – Boulder, Colorado Famine Food reserves insufficient to sustain life during coming ice age National Academy of Sciences report 1975 – famines are coming due to colder temps

source: The New York Times book review 7/18/1976

1978 International Team of Specialists No End in Sight to Global Cooling German, Japanese and American specialists found data indicates cooling to continue

published in journal Nature, December 15, 1978

1988 James Hansen, NASA 1988 hottest year in 130 will bring droughts Claims “greenhouse effect” is here. (Temp Data was later proven to be falsified) Claimed sea levels will rise from 1 to 6 feet during the 1990’s in testimony in Congressional hearings on Mid-Western dought 12/12/1988

source: The Miami News 6/24/1988

1988 Mr Hussein Shihab Maldives to be Underwater by 2010 . Drinking water supplies to dry up by 1992 Mr. Hussein Shihab, Environmental Affairs Director: Ocean rise will be catastrophic United Nations Environmental Project plans to study the problem

source: The Canberra Times 9/26/1988

1989 James Hansen NYC West Side Hwy Underwater by 2010 Predicts excessive heat will lead to water shortages, more crime, fewer birds, etc… …

source: Salon.com interview 10/23/2001

2000 Dr David Viner, senior research scientist, Univ. of East Anglia . No more Snow Based on models, Snow will be a rare and exciting event

source: The Independent 3/20/2000 reprinted by The Guardian

2004 Pentagon chiefs brief President Bush Britain will be “Siberian” by 2020

Report says major European cities will be underwater, mega-droughts, famine and wide spread rioting will spread across the world

source: The Observer / The Guardian 2/21/2004

2008 Seth Borenstein, AP Science writer NASA scientist: We’re Toast James Hensen, NASA ( yes he is still employed ) says Arctic ice is disappearing “exactly the way we said it would.” Artic will be ice free in 5 to 10 years

source: Associated Press – 6/24/2008

2008 AL Gore, author, North Polar Ice Completely Gone in 5 Years Making this prediction at COP15 Climate Conference December 14, 2008

source: WUMT tv and Daily Mail online et el: 12/14/2008

2009 Prince Charles Just 96 Months to Save the World Richard Dimblely lecture at St. James Palace, “without coherent financial incentives and disincentives er have just 96 months” to avert “irretrievable climate and ecosystems collapse…”

source: The Independent 10/20/2009

2009 Gordon Brown, P.M., U.K. Fewer than 50 Days to Save Planet PM’s opening statement to Paris Climate Summit

source: The Independent 10/20/2009

2013 Prof. Peter Wadhams, Ice-free Arctic in 2 years – Methane Catastrophe Release of massive methane pulse from melting ice could trigger costs equaling entire world’s GDP. Loss of permafrost will destabilize climate system around the world

source: journal Nature 7/24/2013

2013 U.S.Navy Dept of Oceanography Ice Free Arctic by 2016 Research project funded by the US Dept of Energy

source: The Guardian 12/9/2013 reporter Nafeez Ahmed

2014 Laurent Fabius, Frence Foreign Minister 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos Appearing with John Kerry, Secretary of State in Washington, D.C.

Source: Washington Examiner 5/14/2014

And yet the sun came up today… … …

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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