Time to Decertify ‘stupid’ (and Underhanded) Universities

If not for federal money how many of these jackwagons could earn a living?

Reports January 2, covered Florida governor Ron Desantis proposing new legislation to curb the ever increasing threat to free speech from unaccountable and often anonymous self-declared ‘guardians’ of morality on the internet. The censorship policing by the monopolies of the internet has become a dangerously powerful weapon of the left to silence criticism of almost any issue the left doesn’t support. As Desantis stated, a serious threat to voices in the modern day ‘public square.’

January 3, the headlines from Virginia report Facebook has permanently removed the account of a Virginia 2nd Amendment organization which keeps its followers informed about legislative threats to the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Constitution. Facebook confirmed the removal, stated it was permanent and offered no justification beyond their usual explanation that the account violated their user policy.

Earlier this month the YouTube broadcast of the inauguration speech of President-elect Biden was receiving so many thousands of ‘dislikes’ that the platform removed most of the dislikes – to create a balanced response – before finally removing the official White House YouTube channel from search engines entirely. The action effectively removed Biden’s speech from the internet and cloaked the overwhelming disapprove responses to the radical left points in the speech.

Tens of thousands of reports of groups and individuals are having their internet accounts ranging from emails to twitter and web sites censored in one form or another. Almost any political site or personal account in opposition to leftist agenda is targeted. In an especially bold censorship move, Facebook removed the ads of the Reform California organization gathering signatures for the recall of Governor Newsome. The Twitter account of the President of the United States himself was removed because someone at the internet platform decided Trump was spreading ‘misinformation’ in violation of the platform’s policy. A GOP newsletter based in Colorado was suspended from mailchimp email after a link to a dedication to Saint Thomas Aquinas by President Trump was included in a weekly newsletter. While the totally fabricated information associated with the attempted coups by Hillary Clinton and her supporters in congress was never once considered “misinformation” by the same platform monitors.

The New York Times urges President Biden to appoint a “reality czar” to help combat “disinformation and domestic extremism.” Such a role would entail a panel of experts led by the Czar to decide what information is classed as “fake news.” If this sounds familiar, it is because it was precisely the job of the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s prescient novel, 1984.

But the real threat to the already perilous future of freedom in America remains the institutions that train the young people who become these arbiters of free speech. Students are taught from early grades to believe whatever their ‘teachers’ teach. By the time these students reach university age they are so indoctrinated into this misguided thinking that even the most blatant statements that fly in the face of common sense are considered authoritative.

BREAKING NEWS: The University of Michigan has been exposed as having developed a procedure to deprive the public from learning of the university’s activities. While UM is a public institution and therefore subject to be required to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests, the university has chosen to hide it’s financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party by imposing excessive “fees” connected to answering FOIA requests. These excessive “fees” are intended to prevent citizens from asking for information to which they are entitled by law to know and that the university does not want to be public. Judicial Watch exposed this situation this week on One America News television.

Just one more reason to pull the funding out from “underhanded” and “stupid” universities.

This week a Pennsylvania university, responding to the recent calls for investigating the social media platforms’ censorship algorithms slanted totally toward conservatives, released a statement that the accusations are unfounded. The “scholars” of the university state that since no large scale institutional study has been conducted, therefore the charges and investigations are not warranted. In other words, if a university hasn’t said it, it can’t be true!

Pennel Bird writes on the Liberty Nation website (libertynation.com) : In the most alarming week for censorship and cancel culture since at least the advent of the internet, unprecedented crackdowns on free speech have metabolized in the days after the Capitol riots – which were roundly denounced by those from both the left and right. Dispite this seeming accord, authoritarian-like retributions have been meted out to conservatives only – as punishment for support of President Trump.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has made it clear that dropping the President is just the beginning. Project Veritas released a video in which Dorsey says, “ We are fixed on one account (President Trump) right now, but this is going to be much more immensely colossal than just one account, and it’s going to go for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go beyond the inauguration.”

Obviously the ‘scholars’ in Pennsylvania have never heard of Twitter accounts being removed, the attack on Parler, that was the most downloaded app in the country until it was removed totally from the internet by the ideologues of leftist morality at Amazon, or the never ending lock out activity of Facebook. But we shouldn’t worry, as soon as the tenured geniuses get their heads out of that dark space they might learn something new to ‘share’ with their admiring throngs of followers.

Really, if not for guaranteed millions from the student loan money tree, how many of these jackwagons would be able to earn a living?

Press Dishonesty and the Riots – Past and Future

As the United States has become violently divided by opposing political ideologies, the speech by either side can certainly be offensive to the other.

Today the United States is racing toward riots – everywhere! The “social” media continues to claim protection for their political speech censorship under a clearly abused regulation called section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. “Communications Decency,” is a perfect example of misleading language to deceive the public into accepting another flanking attack on the Constitution and our Bill of Rights..

For those readers who may have heard of Section 230 in the recent news but were not really sure what it had to do with censorship, here is a very brief description of this 1996 law.

In the very early stages of social media platforms the idea that the companies that owned the platforms could be held liable for something one of their subscribers posted was argued to be unacceptable. Subscribers claiming 1st Amendment rights argued the platforms should not be allowed to censor their postings. Law enforcement agencies argued the platforms were potentially the venue for everything from sex trafficking to terrorists communications. And in the third corner, lawyers were salivating over the opportunity to reach into the potentially deep pockets of the platform companies. Section 230 was the compromise of considering all of these arguments. The platform owners were given immunity from liable suits for content published by “third parties” while also being charged with regulating the platform sites to avoid publication of what they were allowed to determine was “hate speech,” even though the Constitution protects such speech.

If that seems confusing, you are in some very influential company. President Trump and President elect Joe Biden have both proposed major changes to section 230. Trump has proposed limits on the protections where political speech is involved and Joe Biden has proposed eliminating the protections altogether in favor of broadening the platforms’ authority to regulate their content. But of course no one can explain what that means.

As they exist now, the social media platform companies are completely protected from liable suits resulting from content posted by those of us using the platforms. But these companies have also been protected from law suits resulting from content that they have not allowed to be posted or have removed. This is the where the first amendment clashes with the Communications Decency Act. Speech – in written form – that is absolutely protected by the First Amendment is somehow not protected from censorship by a private company offering a public platform for communication it decides should not be published.

As the United States has become violently divided by opposing political ideologies, the speech by either side can certainly be offensive to the other. Determining how to differentiate between hate speech and the opposition’s political point of view has somehow become the privilege of the media companies; including print, broadcast and the internet platforms. Perhaps such a trust would be acceptable if the media were as balanced as the political party support within the population. But the reality is that the media is dangerously out of balance with the population. The control of the media has become exclusive to those who believe government is the only solution to survival of everyone and everything. Political speech by the opposition can be and is considered hate speech by those in control of information distribution. Censorship of one party has become rampant while the other is given extensive leeway of content. This is the Constitutional crisis we are now facing. The media has become so bias for one ideology that crimes at the highest level are both ignored and called propaganda of the opposition.


This week spokespersons for CNN have repeatedly called for cable and internet providers to delete Newsmax TV and streaming services from their platforms. CNN justifies these calls claiming Newsmax has distributed “lies” about the election fraud claims by President Trump. The report published by Newsmax.com concludes by reporting that during the years and years of the Russian collusion investigation based on a falsified document – proven to be paid for by political opponents of the President – Newsmax officials never called for the censorship of CNN for their spreading of false information.

Now we will need to wait to learn if the largest media – clearly supporting the various Socialists and Communist and other factions of Dystopian Utopia government – will support CNN and the right of the platform owners to “lock out” Newsmax for violating “their” polices covering hate speech they claim could lead to riots by the readers of such Conservative propaganda. These groups – aka Big Tech – have been given the permission to censor whatever and whoever they decide is publishing hate speech by the now infamous Section 230. Of course we have just lived through nearly 4 years of violence and property destruction by the armed forces of such organizations Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Yet these organizations and their offshoots went uncensored by facebook or twitter or other social media platforms. In fact these purveyors of violence were supported in the press, dignified by many in government and supported with money and action by sports and entertainment celebrities excusing their riots as necessary to effect positive changes in the name of social justice.

Do you know Douglass Mackey?

Remember the 2016 presidential campaign. The mainstream media pollsters were all projecting a Hillary victory over an incompetent outsider named Donald Trump. Nightly news reports were in unison on Hillary’s victory. The difference between these projections was the margin, never the winner.

Perhaps you are one of those who watched Stephen Colbert. Night after night the comedian/talk show host fueled the Hillary victory bonfire with parodies of Trump being everything from a pervert who hired prostitutes to urinate on hotel beds to an operative for Russian oligarchs. What you may not have known – and probably still don’t – is just how few voters watch this illiterate try to act like a political expert. Mainstream media probably won’t report it, but Douglas Mackey was a more important influence over American voters than Colbert and even former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. According to the Liberty Nation website Mackey was listed as the 107th most influential voter influence of the 2016 election. He never appeared on regular TV. He posted memes on YouTube and Facebook. 

Hard to believe? Well the Biden Justice Department has filed charges against Mackey based on exactly that influence. You see, Mackey had posted memes depicting Hillary in much the same way as Colbert and the other nightly television comedians did parodies about Trump. But making fun of Trump didn’t deprive any voters of their rights to vote. Apparently only Hillary voters are illiterate enough to believe comical memes and were tricked out of their Right to vote by submitting votes via email and texts. At least that seems to be the case since none of the anti-Trump tricksters have been charged the way Mackey has been. 

The New York Times says the “case will test the novel use of federal civil rights laws as a tool to hold people accountable for misinformation campaigns intended to interfere with elections …” Why do so, then? Orange Man Bad seems a likely cause. How else to explain sitting on the charges for years until Biden was sworn in?

It seems the law the Times is referring to is the Civil Rights Conspiracy statute. The Liberty Nation website article reporting on the arrest of Mackey didn’t specify the exact statute, but it would possibly fall into a (misuse) of Title 18 of Section 241 of the Civil Rights Act.

It is not surprising that democrats would try prosecuting someone under an Act they so famously opposed and then infamously abused for the last 50 years to divide America. Perhaps we need to be reminded that it was only after Robert Byrd (D-WV) ended a 14hour and 13minute filibuster on the 60th day of the Democrat’s filibuster that a vote was finally allowed on the Act John F. Kennedy had proposed in 1961. The party of liers has been claiming they were the saviors of minorities almost continuously since the end of their 60 day filibuster. And by the way, hasn’t it been in the news lately that the Pelosi led House has hopes of eliminating the filibuster rule? Strange indeed! 

Stay on top of this story. If Mackey can be sentenced to prison for his posting of memes on YouTube or Facebook, the current censoring of all things conservative on those platforms is only the beginning. 

The long time Chilean dictator Pinochet kept opposition voices quiet thru censorship and when that didn’t work he employed the tactic of simply making them “disappear” – by the thousands. That is not unlike one of the rules liberals follow: keep your enemies in suspended terror! (With apologies to Robert Greene) 

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