Indoctrination vs Education

The speakers were all immigrants from socialist countries. All had fled to America, to freedom! All of them still had family in their birth country. They had come together in the small crowded room in the basement of this church to tell us their stories. Stories that differed because of their ages and family status in their native countries. Yet regardless of when or where they had left their birth countries, regardless of how old they were or when they came to America, each of them had come to the church this evening to explain to us the truth about life under socialism. And make no mistake, to those of us who are old enough to have seen communism in its undisguised years, to see people shot and killed for tying to escape over the wall from East Berlin, to see it before it was rebranded in our schools as socialism – or worse, the modern American Democratic Party – what these new Americans were describing was frightening.

While the stories varied from Cuba under Fidel Castro, Venezuela under Hugo Chavez, to corruption so prevalent in Peru that three ex-presidents are under indictment and the current Congress has been suspended by the current President who himself has been suspended by that same Congress calling for impeachment. All the while Peruvian’s distrust of the politicians has reached the boiling point. Does that sound familiar?
Despite their varied origins, despite the fact they came from different countries, despite the difference in names assigned to their various governments and leaders, the results were always the same; poverty and despair and starvation. People suffer with diseases that could be cured and are easily prevented in other nations where the government doesn’t control every aspect of the healthcare system.

While universal poverty, lack of medicine and nutritious food are undeniable results of socialism, how does a nation fall prey to such an obviously failed ideology? The answer to that question is the common thread that ties each story to every other. That universal connection is the government control of the children through schools that indoctrinate not educate. Schools where history is rewritten to exaggerate the attraction of socialism and the suffering of the working class under Western democracies. From free daycare to free college, a government monopoly of the curriculum guarantees socialism will prevail over time. Indoctrination like this takes time. The rise of socialism isn’t usually an overnight transformation like a violent revolution. And even in the cases of revolution such as in 1959 Cuba the underlying motivation to follow and install a Socialist leader takes time. The promise of a life of comfort being insured by the State is an easy sell to the most ignorant, the impoverished, the laziest and, sadly but most importantly, the most trusting: school children.

Two of the speakers recalled similar memories of being required to spend their Sunday marching in youth parades to show the love they had for Fidel Castro. Going to church was not permitted. These parades started early and lasted all day. In contrast to the youth parades in Cuba were protests in Venezuela. But instead of the marchers being filmed for propaganda to show the success of the Socialist society, those who demonstrated opposition to Hugo Chavez were subjected to severe punishments.

Today in Cuba diabetics die from lack of insulin. Infants die in filthy hospital rooms where simple disinfectants are unavailable. Food and medical supplies are stopped at the borders of Venezuela to prevent the weakening of the government’s control over every aspect of the citizens’ lives. And these are only two of the unlimited number of examples the people escaping from socialist countries can recount.

Many in the audience were folks who remember hiding under our school desks during nuclear attack drills. Yeah, we really did that! Others could understand how terms like “cold war” and “ mutually assured destruction” effected daily life. But clearly our generation has failed to be vigilant over our youth as evidenced by polls indicating a majority of young voters have little to no objection to Socialist policies. Worse still, our lack of awareness of what has been happening in our schools is now translating into votes for openly socialist political candidates. Most haven’t won yet but time is running out for freedom. The “one generation” Ronald Reagan warned us about may be about to assume real power. Since the late 1960’s America’s education ranking has fallen until today our students no longer rank among the top 30 developed countries. Ignorance is a valuable tool for socialists.

But the question from the young folks was; how does any of this affect me here in Colorado?

Recently, Colorado has followed California’s examples of socialist policies in far too many instances. The tyranny demonstrated by the vengeance-motivated Democratic party ruled legislature this past session is a warning shot to let those who have the audacity to oppose their leadership will be punished or driven out of “their” state. Perhaps there is no better example in the world than the overwhelming citizen opposition to proposition 112 in the election of 2018. Yet the citizens’ loud and clear voices were completely ignored as the Democratic legislators immediately demonstrated their disdain for the citizens’ who would dare to question their desires to shut down the oil and gas industry in “their” state.

But the example here is not that the legislators believed they had the duty to reverse what they decided was the wrong decision by the voters. The example here is that those same legislators then claimed to be supporting “democracy” by joining a movement to eliminate the electoral college system and thereby support the popular vote system for electing the President. These two actions are oxymoronic. The very idea that a popular vote supporting an issue the Democrats controlling the government didn’t like had to be overturned is in direct conflict to the same idea that a President should be elected by only a small geographic section of the country where the concentration of population is easier to convince to support Socialists.

Do you know Douglass Mackey?

Remember the 2016 presidential campaign. The mainstream media pollsters were all projecting a Hillary victory over an incompetent outsider named Donald Trump. Nightly news reports were in unison on Hillary’s victory. The difference between these projections was the margin, never the winner.

Perhaps you are one of those who watched Stephen Colbert. Night after night the comedian/talk show host fueled the Hillary victory bonfire with parodies of Trump being everything from a pervert who hired prostitutes to urinate on hotel beds to an operative for Russian oligarchs. What you may not have known – and probably still don’t – is just how few voters watch this illiterate try to act like a political expert. Mainstream media probably won’t report it, but Douglas Mackey was a more important influence over American voters than Colbert and even former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. According to the Liberty Nation website Mackey was listed as the 107th most influential voter influence of the 2016 election. He never appeared on regular TV. He posted memes on YouTube and Facebook. 

Hard to believe? Well the Biden Justice Department has filed charges against Mackey based on exactly that influence. You see, Mackey had posted memes depicting Hillary in much the same way as Colbert and the other nightly television comedians did parodies about Trump. But making fun of Trump didn’t deprive any voters of their rights to vote. Apparently only Hillary voters are illiterate enough to believe comical memes and were tricked out of their Right to vote by submitting votes via email and texts. At least that seems to be the case since none of the anti-Trump tricksters have been charged the way Mackey has been. 

The New York Times says the “case will test the novel use of federal civil rights laws as a tool to hold people accountable for misinformation campaigns intended to interfere with elections …” Why do so, then? Orange Man Bad seems a likely cause. How else to explain sitting on the charges for years until Biden was sworn in?

It seems the law the Times is referring to is the Civil Rights Conspiracy statute. The Liberty Nation website article reporting on the arrest of Mackey didn’t specify the exact statute, but it would possibly fall into a (misuse) of Title 18 of Section 241 of the Civil Rights Act.

It is not surprising that democrats would try prosecuting someone under an Act they so famously opposed and then infamously abused for the last 50 years to divide America. Perhaps we need to be reminded that it was only after Robert Byrd (D-WV) ended a 14hour and 13minute filibuster on the 60th day of the Democrat’s filibuster that a vote was finally allowed on the Act John F. Kennedy had proposed in 1961. The party of liers has been claiming they were the saviors of minorities almost continuously since the end of their 60 day filibuster. And by the way, hasn’t it been in the news lately that the Pelosi led House has hopes of eliminating the filibuster rule? Strange indeed! 

Stay on top of this story. If Mackey can be sentenced to prison for his posting of memes on YouTube or Facebook, the current censoring of all things conservative on those platforms is only the beginning. 

The long time Chilean dictator Pinochet kept opposition voices quiet thru censorship and when that didn’t work he employed the tactic of simply making them “disappear” – by the thousands. That is not unlike one of the rules liberals follow: keep your enemies in suspended terror! (With apologies to Robert Greene) 

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