Hillary told US Nobody Cares

I don’t remember. I can’t recall. Who cares?

For several years I have followed the activities of the intrepid lawyers of Judicial Watch as they chipped away the lies covering the Russian collusion hoax. With each successful pursuit of damaging information through freedom of information act lawsuits, the anticipation of a smoking gun to reveal who did what or who knew about it would build my interest. Then almost as predictable as Hillary’s failure to recall, an activist bureaucrat would violate the court order and drag the process through as much legal mud as possible.

Nevertheless, time and time again Judicial Watch and their co-plaintiffs prevailed and we were rewarded with damning evidence of the criminal activities associated with Hillary Clinton and her supporters. But somehow, someway year after year those who were exposed were able to find cover behind an activists judge or traitorous ally in the “justice” department, and escape punishment.

Crises have a way of wearing us down. A new crisis will replace the old one. No matter how close the resolution might be, once the attention shifts, the fight is usually lost. In these recent years we have repeatedly watched those who are the object of investigations escape under cover of a new crisis. In spite of mountains of money and evidence that would seem insurmountable to defeat, Judicial Watch victories have been little more than talking points at fund raisers. As Hillary stated time after time in unsworn testimony, “who cares?”

Today the United States is faced with a crisis that should not be swept away. But the long history of watching the expansion of a class of people above the laws has created a numbness to recognize another criminal activity. Some have even grown to respect those who have demonstrated their ability to go unpunished. But this time the symbol of our republic, the brightest light in the shining city on the hill is going dim. The election of our representatives has been destroyed by misguided ideologues within the system and foreign operations intent on destroying even the hope of freedom throughout the world.

Year after year election integrity watchdogs joined with Judicial Watch in working to literally force states to clear their voter registration rolls of invalid names. Opposition to these efforts was well funded and entrenched deep in the democrat party. The weapons of choice to resist lawful maintenance of voter registration: name calling and violent protestors. With the establishment media blinded by their open dislike of the President, the overwhelming denial of any election fraud resounded across the country.

Once again the undeniable truth has surfaced. The absolute proof of massive election fraud has been presented by teams of highly skilled forensic scientists. The evidence cannot be denied. President Trump was not defeated by American voters. The evidence shows Trump did in fact receive millions and millions more voters’ votes than Joe Biden. Votes that were meticulously and methodically switched after being entrusted to a network of corrupted machines controlled by foreign operatives. Operatives who’s national interests are best protected by defeating Trump.

Like so many of the damning documents Judicial Watch won through expensive hard fought legal battles, the efforts by teams of investigators aligned with Mike Lindell and others have proved beyond any doubt the extent of the attack on our election. Precinct by precinct votes were methodically switched from Trump to Biden. Many of these precincts have been discovered to have had dramatic reversals. But the key to the election of Joe Biden wasn’t just the big vote dumps in the dark of night. The key was keeping the communist sympathizing democrat close enough to be able to flip the final results with relatively few votes in the popularly advertised “swing” states.

To put the fraudulent vote counts into perspective, consider the over 100,000 vote reporting stations in the U.S. have an average of just about 1,500 votes. That gives the total of 150,000,000 votes. The evidence indicates the President was receiving approximately 53% of the votes cast. This means Trump would receive almost 80 million votes and Biden would have received 47% or 70.5million. A difference of only about 9 million votes. Therefore to reduce Trump’s votes and increase Biden’s only required the reversal of 45 votes per precinct.

In his video documentary “Absolute Proof”, Mike Lindell presents forensic proof of a precinct where hundreds of Trump votes were reversed with a a handful of Biden votes. And the evidence is available for thousands of similar precincts. The conclusion is undeniable: Trump received millions upon millions more votes and won by a landslide of record proportion.

But will the fraudulent election be corrected. Does anybody care?


Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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