Laws for Radicals

Do Extremists meet in the Circle for Radicals

I have to admit that I had never read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power before researching the circumstances leading up to the capitol riots January 6. The establishment media reports kept in lock step with the democrat party screamers about how Trump’s remarks that day incited the protesters to violence and the subsequent entry into the capitol. So I began my research by reading the transcript of the President’s speech that day. It’s here :

Not being able to find any lines in the speech I could suspect would incite the kind of leftist like violence that took place that day, I looked deeper into some of the individuals being arrested and charged with various crimes. What I expected to find was that some of these same people would be named in association with previous riots; possibly even associated with the violent leftist riots we had all been subjected to for years now.

The first revelation was that in the previous 4 years of riots covered extensively by photojournalists, I found no records of facial recognition programs being used to identify and arrest those clearly recorded destroying property, throwing flares and glass bottles at police and looting huge amounts of merchandise. Yet the so-called right wing extremists in the capitol January 6th were identified publicly almost before they left the building.

Then I noticed the name Enrique Tarrio. This fellow is the leader of a group called Proud Boys. The Proud Boys is a group – exclusively male – of what the press calls ‘right-wing extremists’ that have been associated with violence at riots conducted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter; undeniably left-wing extremists. Mr. Tarrio was arrested the day before the riots, the day before the President’s speech which Nancy Pelosi claims incited the protestors to become violent and attack the capitol. Her accusation, by the way, is the one and only basis for her articles of impeachment. Tarrio was arrested for a series of posts over a period of several weeks on Parlor in which he outlines several specific instructions for his followers to use during the planned protests on inauguration day.

Tarrio’s instructions to his followers were excerpts from a book titled 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. This book is reported to be most popular among rappers, celebrities and some activist athletes; not the typical haunt of anyone considered right-wing. The connection between this book and right-wing extremists motivated me to dig deeper into the Terrio posts that led to his arrest by the FBI January 5th.

The ‘rules’ Tarrio had posted were selected from the 48 which have become the guiding bible for Antifa and BLM rioters. The list included the following:

3. Conceal Your Intentions with decoy objects, smoke screens, publicly declared false intentions and be sure to blend in to avoid attention.

4. Always say less than necessary to avoid later criticism

14. Pose as a friend – Work as a spy

15. Crush your enemy totally: show no mercy, banish enemies

17. Keep others in suspended terror

29. Plan all the way to the end and be willing to follow through

37. Create compelling spectacles with visuals and strong colors and messages to create larger than life superficial appearances.

39. Stir up the waters to catch fish is the expression that directs readers to make enemies angry while remaining calm.

48. Assume formlessness as nothing should be fixed. Morph and Adapt as necessary to keep long term strategy in focus.

An analysis of the riots by social justice rioters over the past few years easily yields the conclusion that not only do extreme leftists follow these laws but a close review of Nancy Pelosi’s agenda would lead to the conclusion that the democrat party is also guided by these deceitful tactics.

So if the far right and the far left all adhere to the same guidelines is it unreasonable to conclude social unrest seems to be arranged in a circle rather than the line typically used by the media to categorize everyone.

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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