An Outboard to be Reckoned With

A product review – just because I wanted to…

I would not hesitate to recommend the 12HP model Hangkai outboard and this seller to friends.

First let say that my review of this outboard and seller was not permitted on Amazon.

While the delivery was just a little later than originally projected I was really relieved and happy to receive the UPS tracking number. I had been scammed earlier this year by a Singapore-based outboard seller who actually had a fake ( but very good looking) shipping company tracking number that seemed to show the shipment’s progress. Thankfully my credit card company rescued me and recovered my money. But it did take 7 months. Ebay and PayPal did not help, and I lost the entire summer of boat fishing in Montana.

Vowing never again to use Ebay I purchased the Hangkai 12Hp 2 stroke outboard through Amazon. The little booklet that was packaged with the motor began by very clearly stating that if the registration card were not returned the warranty would not be honored. There was no registration card in the packaging and no mailing nor email address to even request registration assistance. This was a bit disturbing but only the beginning.

The little booklet instructs to use an oil to gasoline ration of 1:25 for the first 10 hours of operation – the first break in period – during which rpm’s should be restricted. This mixture makes the motor very hard to start. In fact I must have pulled the starter cord for nearly 30 minutes before I finally had success. Once the motor fired I immediately watched for cooling water to come from the check port and when no water was streaming after some 15 or 20 seconds I pulled the safety shut off cord.

The motor never again started!

The seller replied quickly and suggested I follow the same starting steps as included in the booklet except that oil to gasoline mix ratio should be 1:35 – which is different from the booklet’s 1:25. And he was sending me a new water pump impeller.

I sent a new message to explain that a new impeller was not necessary since: first, there was one included in the original package; two, since the motor wouldn’t start anyway there was no way to even know if the the pump was working, and third, after several minutes of pulling the starter cord it did appear that the carburetor was leaking.

The seller gave me a choice to return the motor – at my own expense – or accept a replacement. I chose to forego a refund and accept a replacement.

The replacement arrived. I used the 1:35 fuel mix for the initial break in. The replacement started with just a couple of pulls. The replacement was carefully broken in for the recommended 10 hours and has performed extremely well. It is fuel efficient, seems more powerful than the 12HP rating and is reasonably quiet at higher speeds.

I would have given the motor 5 stars if there had been a registration process. However, the motor seems to be made with motorcycle parts and I expect to be able to handle my own repairs. If you are not comfortable doing your own work it may not be the motor for you.

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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