Liberty or Safety, Can we ever have both

If Adam Schiff is not held accountable for sedition or treason the law has no value

This week has to be on of those weeks that will forever live on in controversy. Historians will argue in perpetuity whether the truth about events reported this week lies with stories written by major news outlets of the period or with facts and the evidence to support them as presented by data and documents wrestled from the bureaucracy that created them.

With so much attention on the effects of the covid-19 virus and the damaged economy, it was perhaps a perfect time for the release of transcripts of the concealed testimony given behind locked doors deep beneath the Capitol. Those hearings, created from the whole cloth of seditionists, were conducted under such cover that when duly elected members of the House of Representatives attempted to witness the proceedings, Chairman Adam Schiff (D, anti-Trump party) refused to conduct the hearing and immediately threatened the use of armed guards to clear those representatives he deemed intruders. This week we learned why. The most organized coup ever attempted, perhaps ever attempted in history, was taking place and any accidental exposure by any official called before the Skiff committee would threaten the success of the conspirators. Reports released to the media about what was contained in the testimonies is now proven false. In fact most of the released quotes were simply fiction.

The criminal activities of FBI agents and other agency operatives might have carried more headlines except for the increasing evidence of the manipulation of the country by the man-made pandemic which has claimed more destruction to the economy and liberty than any event since the great Islamic victory of September 11, 2001. That was the day a small group of attacking Muslims succeeded in creating panic across the country. Like a tsunami of fear, lawmakers were scared into erasing much of the American lifestyle. Without clear thinking congress created laws that eventually became the keystones for the abuses of power which almost succeeded in overturning the government. We will not see for some time yet when or if those exposed by the newly released transcripts will be punished.

While the crimes of some involved in the coup attempt are now a matter of record, the extent of criminal activities by those behind the covid-19 pandemic are only now being pieced together. During this week of dramatic revelations the complicity of national government and business leaders in the development and spread of the covid-19 virus has barely begun to be exposed. Even the numbers are now being questioned by the White House task force as White House Task Force Coordinator, Dr. Burke, has said she suspects the numbers released by the CDC may be exaggerated by 25% or more.

The truth vs truthful media have proclaimed that Obama did not fund the Wuhan lab where the covid-19 virus originated. And it appears that Obama did not officially approve the transfer of millions US taxpayers’ dollars to the Wuhan lab. Nevertheless the money trail leads clearly to Dr. Fauci – with or without passing through the oval office.

Then there is surfacing the connection between Bill Gates, a patent application for a microchip related to a covid vaccine, Dr. Fauci’s recommendation to shut down the brick and mortar economy and the on-line retail industry giant Amazon. This entangled network was revealed by investigators finally examining the data used to justify the destruction of the US economy. It was also learned that Gates’ so-called charity had funded the British institute Fauci claimed was the expert source cited as the justification for shutting down the country. Now of course the models cited by Fauci have proven to have been laughably wrong and the creator of the model has resigned in disgrace over a matter of violating his own isolation program.

But wait, in a seemingly unrelated event – before the stay at home orders and shut down of brick and mortar businesses – the Ferguson institute was the recipient of a huge flow of cash as the result of a 2019 purchase by Jeff Bezos (Amazon) of some 100,000 delivery vans. The purchase of such an unprecedented increase in delivery capacity is cause for further query when it was learned the purchase was tied to the same guy behind the now debunked shut down model. A year before the shut down!

As if those stories aren’t enough to keep water cooler debates fueled for years, the saga of General Flynn came to an explosive end when the Justice Department completely retracted the charges to which the general had plead guilty. This action was predicated by release of the criminal activity by operatives within the FBI with the full knowledge of then President Obama. Dropping the charges removes completely the conviction, will allow Flynn to be reinstated to rank and benefits and opens the possibility of civil action against the prosecutors involved in official misconduct.

Perhaps the quickest and most effective step President Trump could now take to further ‘drain the swamp’ would be to appoint General Flynn as director of the FBI. Such a light turned on inside that dark hole would surely send swamp dwellers scurrying like cockroaches. The big difference though is that those roaches would be running toward lucrative taxpayer funded retirements and contracts with television networks as “expert” commentators before they face consequences for their actions.

Benjamin Franklin’s words have never rung more true: “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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