Is the Virus Killing Freedom

The President has said we are at war.

The President has said we are at war.

An Ohio House unrepresentative Democrat has proposed charging President Trump with ‘crimes against humanity’ through the International Tribunal (A.K.A. World Court). The boiling point that will push neighbors against neighbors in a bloody civil war is getting closer as hate consumes more democrats watching their political power dwindle. Will America be the site of the next Rwanda genocide where citizens were agitated by the party in power into virtually killing their opposition. Is that so much different from what Nancy Peloci and such politicians as we see in the Ohio House screaming. Hate has a history of overpowering societies.

Recently Patriot Essays published a post titled: Timeline to the 2nd Civil War which outlined the history of repeating the most destructive events of civilized societies; wars within those societies implemented to affect or resist dramatic changes. The pattern for these events was recognized some 2500 years ago by the Estuscans. Yet today, with the advantage of instant communications around the world, with the ability to hold language translators in the palm of hands, the United States rest at the precipace of another saeculum. We have reached the final years of the generation who failed to pass an understanding of the value of freedom to those who have now become government officials and representatives. We have allowed our schools and colleges to teach a history distorted, revised and even reversed by the generation of teachers Ronald Reagan correctly predicted as the last generation for freedom on Earth.

Today we are willing to standby as armed officers chain the doors of some private businesses while their competitors are allowed to remain open – all the name of public health! In one area officials deem one business is essential, and another is forced to close at the point of a gun. All the while in another area essential businesses are defined totally different. Even the person or persons with authority to make these decisions varies without questions by the citizens. Where is the guide for which business is essential for who? Why is one store chained shut while another is heralded for the bravery of its employees to serve the public’s interest. The President has repeatedly warned that the value of the cure must not exceed the cost.

There is no doubt the corona virus is attacking across the world without respect for borders or political ideology. It must be fought with as much resolve as any enemy in any war. But is that resolve to reach a truce with a virus to come at the cost of human rights and the final defeat of freedom in its last stronghold on Earth? Have so many generations before us given their lives and fortunes for the very freedoms this war is erasing? House Majority Whip James Clyburn made it clear when stated that the covid-19 crisis is a “tremendous opportunity” to “restructure government” and advance democratic policy goals. (1)

While the nation suffers both emotionally and economically, the covid crisis is being considered as a great opportunity by too many politicians. The recent financial relief bill enacted by congress is a major victory for politicians seeking to buy power by creating a dependent constituency. More importantly than individual benefits is the opportunity to widen the divide between the political parties through oversight of the spending of the relief programs by partisan career politicians.

Just as local officials are choosing which businesses are allowed to stay open and which will lose by being forced to close, federal level programs were built into the relief bill to direct money to supporters without regard for the intent of the relief. To insure of the success of this corrupt plan, House majority leader Nancy Pelosi has appointed the chairmanship of the oversight committee to a loyal party soldier with no qualifications except party politics.

Normally this sort of financial corruption goes unnoticed and unreported. But with so many Americans staying home by directives from government, the despicable behavior of the democratic leadership in the House of Representatives is creating anger and an atmosphere of distrust in government at all levels. AN anger that has been simmering since James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton for crimes for which others are in prison and Americans saw that justice was no longer equal for all.

The evidence is clear. Gun sales are setting new records with each additional restriction imposed on the citizens. History always seems to have a way of repeating.

(1) Just one day after the original posting of this essay, the news carried details of as much as $20million being spent by anti-American groups attempting to defeat Trump by advertising how poorly his administration is dealing with the covid-19 pandemic.

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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