Colorado Communists are coming for the Children

Chose any definition you like that defines the Communist Party objective and you can not possibly deny that a bill, which has already pass initial committee hearings and prepared to be rammed down the throats of every family or prospective family in Colorado, is exactly what every Communist leader would be elated to sponsor. Karl Marx, the creator of the blueprint for today’s democratic party stated it this way; the conflict between the working class and those who control them is the root of all problems in society. The solution then is for the government to replace the capitalists and thereby become the controlling body over the working class: in other words, everyone but the government.

Four loyal democratic party women have sponsored House Bill 20-1006 (HB20-1006) titled, “Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants Program.” Two of those women, state senators Petterson and Story make no claim of having any occupation whatsoever according to the public record, while representative McCluskie actually considers herself a professional “legislator” and her fellow representative Sirota simply list her occupation as a “social worker” and “administrator.”

Four government insiders who seemingly would have no means of support if they couldn’t feed at the public trough have teamed to suggest Colorado families can’t raise their own children without government supervision. What exactly is it these women of the Colorado legislature have proposed? Among the directives of their new program are state certified government workers, an army of them, intruding into your home to insure your children are being instructed for proper “behavioral outcomes” and become “culturally responsive” according to definitions not yet created.

The unlimited expansion of the state’s army of “mental health consultants” will initially be assigned to evaluate the youngest children they can find. The language of the bill does, however, identify all children from preschoolers through high school graduates. Future expansion is disguised as counseling to be made “available” to prospective families. History suggest then that the “counseling” will eventually begin with the parents of the unborn to insure access to the newborn.

God this is scary stuff!

Of course, as with all oppressive government programs since the word “security” was attached to a tax intended for retirement savings, this new program has a clever acronym to hide beneath. As the bill advances toward the time when Governor Polis will sign it into law, the acronym SMART will become popular in the media. SMART refers to a section of the law which is filled with meaningless criteria supposedly to gain acceptance by those who would doubt the need for these draconian measures to force loyalty upon a generation of indoctrinated citizens.

State Measurement for Accountability, Responsive, and Transparent Government Acting is actually the title of that section nicknamed SMART. Imagine the ‘State’ creating a system to ‘measure’ its own accountability for anything. Is there any organization less transparent than an intrusive government bureaucracy? Yet there are many adults already convinced that government really does intend to work for their best interests. And good intentions are enough regardless of which road they pave.

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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