Education in Congress

Education on Review So Sad

Regardless of your position for or against the President, if you have the ability to read and understand above elementary school level, you have to be concerned for the quality of our government after the 40 years of decline of U.S. education. The number of representatives who very clearly demonstrated their lack of understanding of the Constitution was seriously disturbing. These government leaders spoke with such poor grammar they would be admonished by every one of my middle school teachers; including shop teacher Mr. Rose.

One representative addressing Obstruction of Congress was trying to sound intelligent by attempting to explain the Constitution identifies the 3 branches of government as “co-equal.” She then contradicts herself stating that because the President didn’t yield his branch to a congressional committee request, he was obstructing Congress. Her comments tell us she has no understanding of the meaning of the term “co-equal.” She demonstrates no knowledge of the history of the United States regarding the relationships the three branches have had for over 200 years. And most importantly she isn’t aware of the constitutional process for resolving disputes. Her ignorance is not isolated. So sad!

In this three-and-a-half year drama the majority leadership have chosen to refuse to join the President in asking the third branch to rule one way or another. Although these inter-branch disputes have historically been resolved by the constitutionally outlined process, this Congress simply decided they were more “equal” than the Administration, therefore whatever Congress ordered the Administration must do. Otherwise – according to one political party – the President is Obstructing Congress. So wrong and so sad!

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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