Bad News for Liberals – Again and Again and… … …

As career porch pirating gains momentum in America’s big cities, the popularity of videos showing the openly brazen thieves is also exploding. But are those video defense systems really as effective as voting for law and order candidates for city and state government.

A recent study of crime data revealed which cities have the greatest problem with porch pirates. While the numbers may not yet be conclusive since many of these crimes are reported to sellers or delivery companies instead of law enforcement, the trends are clearly showing through such data sources as internet searches and insurance claims. In response to the news of the prevalence of these crimes, defenders of these cities’ reputations are scrambling to excuse or explain the causes for their individual poor performances at protecting their citizens property.

San Francisco leads the national list of porch pirate crimes. Defenders suggest these crimes are more popular because of silicone valley and the concentration of tech savvy customers who order expensive and easily resold products. While that might be true for San Francisco, such an excuse falls on deaf ears in Washington, D.C., or the Atlanta metro area; numbers 6 and 9 respectively on the list of the ten. And how do the promoters of Minneapolis explain their city being just one place lower than Seattle at number two.

Regardless of the media spin there are two similarities among these cities that might be clues to solutions. Every one of these top ten cities is led by socialist liberals, a.k.a. Democratic party mayors. Secondly, every one of these areas has designated themselves as sanctuary areas for criminals.

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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