Boots in School Hallways

Can you Hear them NOW?

The footsteps of the boots of the coming police state.

The first violence and arrest of what will be many incidents to come is now in the record of the meeting of the Maryland State Board of Education meeting where Obamaschools’ Common Core Curriculum was being “discussed.”

But only written and approved questions were permitted at this “discussion.” So when Robert Small got off script with the only real question that matters regarding Obamaschools, Small was violently dragged out of the room and, of course, charged with assaulting a police officer.

Small understands the future of his two children are at risk under the federal takeover of the content of America’s education. Each day it is becoming more clear to more parents that their children are the targets in this attack on freedom. The ultimate objective is also becoming more clear – forcing the Democratic Party’s Marxist/Sheria doctrine into the minds of America’s youth.

Adolf Hitler said it best when he realized that whoever controls the youth owns the future. But Hitler moved too ambitiously. His very successful youth movement was not enough to defeat the allies across the waters of the Atlantic. Hitler’s youthful army drove the British into the waters off Dunkirk and across the English Channel. Arguably, he had won Europe and would very probably have ruled for decades if it weren’t for the confidence that led him to advance across the Atlantic.

Obama clearly demonstrated that America must be defeated from within – like cancer. He eroded the economy and our ability to manufacture. He wore down our soldiers with multiple conflicts where enemies can not even be identified and Americans are being shot inside their own offices. He planted the seeds the activities that will destroy the Constitution as we witness today the process being used by partisans to overturn our votes of 2016. It seems very likely now that the heros of Seal Team 6 were sacrificed. It is very clear that Ambassador Stevens and his staff were set up to be murdered. Who will be next

A new treaty in the U.N. will allow jack-booted thugs disguised as family services agents in suits and ties to take out children from our homes, “in the best interest of the children.”

A new treaty with China and the anti-American nations of southeast Asia will destroy the remainder of our economy and the Dollar will finally be beaten into nearly worthless paper. The plan is called “check-mate” by the Chinese.

America’s energy sector has been buried under mountains of paperwork and regulations enforced by an ever increasing civilian army of armed government officials.

The only fear these people have is education. And so we have Common Core Curriculum sneaking in under the piles of money and threat of being ‘cut-off’ if the Standards are not implemented by the States.

Mr. Small may be the first victim of violence against Obamaschools but he won’t be the last.

Listen parents, you will hear the boot steps soon enough.

Author: Craig

Craig is a 25 year veteran of newspapers and ghost writer of 4 books.

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